High Demand Majors


Do you Need to Apply to Your Major?

The University of Georgia proudly offers students in good standing--whether students continuing at the University of Georgia or transfer students--the opportunity to access the majors of their choice depending on the availability of necessary educational resources, including sufficient faculty to provide a quality learning environment.

A high-demand major is one that receives or expects to receive more applications for the major from fully qualified rising juniors than the program can accommodate without hindering the quality of instruction offered. For this reason, high demand majors generally have entrance requirements that must be satisfied by the student applying to the major.  Students should be aware that many of these majors are highly competitive. To evaluate your eligibility for a high demand major, please take the



The following are the current high demand majors:




Agricultural Engineering

Art (all majors)

Biochemical Engineering

Biological Engineering

Civil Engineering

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Computer Systems Engineering

Consumer Journalism

Early Childhood Education

Economics (A.B.)

Economics (B.B.A.)

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

English Education

Entertainment and Media Studies

Environmental Engineering

Exercise and Sport Science


Health Promotion

History/Social Studies Education



Management Information Systems


Mathematics Education

Mechanical Engineering

Middle Grades Education

Music (all majors)

Public Relations

Real Estate

Risk Management and Insurance

Social Studies Education

Social Work

TESOL/World Language Education


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