The University of Georgia would like to help you to make informed decisions now that will serve your interests well once you have been accepted. The Transfer Planning Guide (PDF) will provide you with a general overview of how core courses are transferred, as well as links to important resources for further planning.

Please note that the Transfer Planning Guide is based upon requirements in place during the 2018‐2019 academic year and is intended only as a general guide for planning to transfer. Some degree requirements and transfer policies may change between the time a student begins their undergraduate career and reaches the point of transfer to UGA. It is the student’s responsibility to check the UGA Bulletin frequently for changes in requirements. No guarantees are implied or expressed in this guide.

In addition, you will find links to each college’s transfer planning guide under the College Requirements tab. These guides will give you major‐specific information about critical courses and college requirements.

For transfer admission eligibility requirements, visit the Admissions transfer student requirement page. We hope that the Transfer Planning Guide will provide you some assistance as you choose your courses today to reach your goals of tomorrow.

Want to see how your classes transfer? Check out how to use the UGA Transfer Equivalency Portal.

If you are thinking about transferring to the University of Georgia, or if you have already been accepted as a transfer student, there are important things to consider.

The challenge for the transfer student in planning is to make the best possible choices for the degree program they eventually want to complete. A smooth transfer requires careful preparation and attention to detail. We have provided you with some helpful resources in order to help you make informed decisions serve your interests now and in the future.

Download the Transfer Planning Worksheet (DOCX).

See the instructions for using the Transfer Planning Worksheet in the Transfer Planning Guide.

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