Meeting Other Transfers

Student selfie

Your first semester at UGA is a transition. Right now you may feel you’re in-between belonging at your former institution and being a full-fledged Bulldog. You’d like to meet a few other transfer students who are experiencing the same things, but don’t really know how to go about it.


Transfer Student Club

The Transfer Student Club is a club for UGA students who have transferred from another college or institution. The Transfer Student Club (TSC) provides a means for transfer students at UGA to meet and interact and build community and friendship, as well as opportunities to identify and access mentorship and guidance through the various outlets on campus. The mission of this organization is to help provide a safe space and sense of routine for transfer students by offering monthly meetings and planning activities on and off campus. They promote involvement, community, open-mindedness, acceptance, and helping each other. So, if you are a transfer student and want to find a community on campus, consider joining the Transfer Student Club!

Click here for more information and ways to connect with the Transfer Student Club.

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