Your First Month


  • See your advisor during walk-in hours if you want to drop or add a class.
  • Go to all your classes, even if you hear that the first day doesn’t matter. It does!
  • Gather your syllabi and read each one thoroughly. Pay attention to the Learning Outcomes section to understand what your professor wants you to learn.
  • Add all due dates for exams, quizzes, papers and projects to your planner.
  • Start planning a study schedule. Remember, you’ll need to study 2 hours/week for every hour you’re in class. Keep in mind that the best time to review your notes is as soon after the class as possible.
  • Introduce yourself to one new person in your classes each day. Remember that almost 1/3 of them will be transfers like you.


  • Attend Transfer Student Welcome sponsored by Student Affairs. Introduce yourself to at least three people.
  • Get to know the important places on campus using this interactive map
  • Ride a UGA bus to see the whole campus (allow an hour for this)
  • Surf UGA’s academic websites and get to know what’s available to assist you, especially the Division of Academic Enhancement. The best students use DAE regularly.


  • If you haven’t already done so, sign up for a mentor. Many colleges and majors have mentoring programs. If yours doesn’t, you can sign up through Student Affairs here.
  • Check your planner for upcoming tests and assignments. Start to prepare EARLY!
  • Start or join a study group in your most challenging class.
  • Schedule an advising appointment.
  • Visit one of your professors’ office hours. They want you to come!


  • Wondering if you’re in the right major? Visit the Exploratory Center in Memorial Hall or
  • Start considering your options to satisfy your Experiential Learning
  • Join at least one student organization. Volunteer activities are also a great way to meet people.
  • Start meeting regularly with your study groups and stay ahead in your class assignments. You won’t regret it.
  • Oh…. And be sure to catch a UGA football or basketball game. GO DAWGS!


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