Advice from Your Peers

How can I be successful at UGA?

See what your peers had to say

Nina advises:

"Don't be afraid to strike a conversation with anyone. You never know what you will find out."

Sadie suggests:

"I would tell them to be open minded and positive. I would tell them to keep their eyes on the goal but allow for yourself to have fun and enjoy it. There is nothing like Athens and UGA. You will make so many memories but also you will make yourself attractive for jobs when you graduate! Never give up and know someone is always cheering for you."

Noah says:

"My advice would be to force yourself to join something and KEEP GOING! It's less about how hard you try and more about putting in the time. People naturally will become your friend if you just stick around long enough so don't sweat it. It's hard at first but you'll never regret trying to make friends. When considering what to join, I'd recommend something competitive like a club sport or intramural. I find that people bond closer and quicker when they think of themselves as a team."

Andrew offers:

"My advice to an incoming transfer student would be to obtain all the info on all services for tutoring, your major and seminars to allow you to get a feel for what you may want to do and also begin relationships with your advisors and professors of which can definitely help you in the long run."

Alexis adds:

"I would recommend going to all of the free events that are offered. I made so many new friends by going to random events that offered free food (which is always a plus). By communicating with other students, it is easy to figure out what the best organizations on campus are. Other students can often be the best resources when it comes to picking class or just finding your way around Athens. Don't be afraid to reach out to other students! Chances are they are wishing they had other friends to engage with as well."

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