UGA Transfer Ambassadors

The 2024-2025 UGA Transfer Ambassador Application is open! 

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UGA Transfer Ambassadors use their unique transfer experiences to welcome, assist and advocate for all new UGA transfer students while also representing their specific colleges across the broader UGA community. Transfer students who successfully complete one year of service as a Transfer Ambassador will fulfill their Experiential Learning (EL) requirement.


  • Open to any currently enrolled undergraduate transfer students
  • Must be in good academic standing (2.5 cumulative/UGA GPA)
  • Students need one UGA semester completed


  • Commitment to a one-year term of service
  • Engage in service a minimum of 45 hours per year
  • Participation in at least one subcommittee
  • Attendance at all Ambassador meetings, programs, and events


  • Event Planning
  • Publicity & Social Media
  • Mentorship
  • Outreach Program
  • Clubs & Organizations

Leadership Positions

Leadership positions have additional requirements within the Transfer Ambassador’s application process:

  1. Letter of Recommendation from UGA faculty or staff member.
  2. Statement about Leadership Style.

The Transfer Ambassador program has the following leadership positions available:

  • President 
    • Program Development: Collaborate with the executive board to plan and implement programs and initiatives that support the Transfer Ambassador Program.
    • Communication: Serve as the primary spokesperson for the program, representing the Transfer Ambassadors to campus administration, prospective transfer students, and other stakeholders.
    • Team Management: Coordinate and support ambassadors, ensuring effective communication and collaboration among members.
  • Vice President
    • Leadership Support: Assist the President in providing strategic leadership and direction for the Transfer Ambassador Program.
    • Program Coordination: Coordinate various program activities, ensuring that events and initiatives align with the program's goals.
    • Training and Development: Assist in the scheduling of training ensuring that transfer Ambassadors gain the necessary skills and knowledge to become campus leaders.
    • Event Planning: Collaborate with the President and other team members to plan and execute events that contribute to the success of the program.
  • Secretary
    • Meeting Coordination: Schedule and organize meetings, prepare meeting agendas, and document minutes for distribution.
    • Record Keeping: Keep track of membership, attendance, and other relevant data to ensure accountability and transparency.
    • Support Role: Provide administrative support to the President and Vice President in various tasks to facilitate program operations.

Meeting Dates (Fall 2024)

  • 8/21: Meet & Greet: Colleges/Departments/Ambassadors (2 hours)
    • Students will meet their college representatives and will learn more about what their committee work entails.
  • 9/12: Understanding YOU: True Colors (2 hours)
    • This workshop will allow you to explore your unique talents and identify how to apply your talents toward your educational and career goals. 
  • 11/7: Understanding OTHERS: Emotional Intelligence Impacts (2 hours)
    • Students will discuss components of how listening, interviewing, rapport-building, and self-disclosure directly influence their interactions with others and the impact emotional intelligence has on building relationships.

Meeting Dates (Spring 2025)

  • 1/16:Welcome Back: Committee Check-In/Hours Evaluation (2 hours)
  • 3/19: Academic Check-In (2 hours)


  • Committee Work (15-20 hours)
  • College/Major Work (10-15)
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